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  • What is forging?

    Forging is a manufacturing process where metal is modeled by applying pressure after making it ductile through the application of heat. Forging is normally used in components where safety is fundamental, for instance: in planes, cars, tractors, boats, oil drilling equipment, motors and other industrial machinery.

  • What are the advantages of forging?

    No other steel deformation process can equal the capacity of forging to develop an optimal combination of properties. Forging provides better mechanical properties, ductility and fatigue and impact resistance because this process refines and directs the grain flow according to the shape of the piece.

  • How are forgings produced?

    Forging takes ingot as a raw material, which is subjected to hot deformation in order to refine the metallurgical structure. At Frisa, 3 main processes are commonly used to achieve forging design:

    1. Open Die Forging
    2. Ring Rolling
    3. Pot Die Forging

  • How does forging differ from casting?

    Compared to castings, Forgings present important advantages:

    • Directional flow that enables the improvement of impact and mechanical resistance properties
    • Better metallic yield
    • Saving in machining hours
    • Less quality-related re-work
    • Wide range of products and sizes
    • Better response to thermal treatment
    • Chemical segregations are eliminated
    • Facilitates inspection in Non-destructive Tests
    • Minimum porosity in pieces

  • Why should I buy a forging?

    During the forging process, the physical properties of the metal are improved. This results in a forged piece with full impact & fatigue resistance and greater metallurgical soundness. Additionally, we can optimize material utilization, thus reducing costs in material and machine time, therefore decreasing lead time for your finished product.


  • What metals can be forged?

    Almost all metals (ferrous and nonferrous) can be forged. Frisa can forge any type of carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, superalloy and titanium. To see a complete list of materials, click here: http://www.frisa.com/process/materials

  • Where does your raw material come from?

    As commitment to providing the best forging solutions to our customers, we use raw steel produced in the best steel mills in the United States of America. Rest assured that you’re sourcing forged components with the cleanest & best quality materials.


  • Do you offer heat treatment?

    We provide solutions for all your needs for heat treatment:

    • Normalizing
    • Quenching
    • Tempering
    • Annealing
    • Solution Annealing
    • Spherodizing
    • Aging
    • Stress Relieving

  • Do you offer machining?

    Not only we offer the best forging solutions, but through CNC technology we can rough machine according to our customers’ requirements. Our customers benefit from this cost-saving value-add service because they receive a piece closer to final configurations, requiring little or no machine time.

  • Can you provide mechanical testing to my forgings?

    We conduct the following testing:

    • Tensile, impact & hardness
    • Chemical analysis & PMI (Spectro)
    • Micro cleanliness, microstructure & ferrite content
    • Ultrasonic testing
    • Magnetic particle testing (wet fluorescent and dry)
    • Liquid penetrant testing (visible and fluorescent)
    • We also provide any other testing by approved external labs



  • What is Frisa Express?

    Frisa Express provides quick forging solutions for a selected spectrum of products. Our sales team provides fast quotes and personalized service to deliver forged products at short lead times.

  • Does my order qualify for Frisa Express?

    At Frisa we have the ability to produce forged rings and discs in as few as five days. Our lead times are directly related to the complexity of the product and value-added processes requested. For more details about other forged products and delivery times we provide, please Contact Us.

  • What are your terms of delivery of product?

    From a single ring to a full container, we handle door-to-door shipments at competitive rates. We can deliver right to your dock or you can pick up at our facilities. We are capable of shipping our products however our customer prefers:

    Transit Times
    Ground Ocean Air
    2-5 Days
    4-5 Weeks
    6-8 Days
    4-6 Days
    5-6 Weeks
    7-10 Days

    We have special Duty Benefits with North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and C-TPAT.

  • Where are you located?

    We are located in Monterrey, Mexico, just 139 miles south of the US border; an ideal location for the shipping and transportation of our products to the rest of the world.



If you are already a Frisa customer and need specific details about an order, please contact your sales representative directly. Otherwise, please CONTACT US